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Session 2 - Cragmaw Hideout and Phandalin

The adventurers had just defeated Klarg and gotten the goblins to surrender. They ventured into the passage North of Klarg’s room and fought three more goblins in a room filled with two huge pools of water, being filled by a waterfall. After easily disposing of them, the adventurers moved West along the Oregon Trail to a bridge. The gold rush was not all it was cracked up to be, being greeted by another goblin yelling, “Human scum from Klarg’s room” and immediately retreating. The adventurers took this as an opportunity to rest, because they were absolutely safe in this vacant occupied cave. They suspended their three goblin lackeys on a stalagmite above the two huge pools of water to ensure they wouldn’t leave. While they party began to sleep in the Northern pool room, the lookout, Vex, was in the room south of them. Note: the entrance to the room their lookout was in was the room the party was sleeping.

Thirty minutes into their long rest, Qetsil was stabbed by a goblin! This rustling woke the party. Thankfully, no one had entered REM sleep and the party was still alert. Getting ready for a fight where they were outnumbered, the party decided to kill the three goblins they had suspended above the water. Vex shot a Firebolt at the rope holding the goblins up. As the rope burnt, the goblins fell into the pool and their bodies smashed against the rock walls damming the pool. A rush of water filled the cave, pushing both the goblins and the adventurers down. After the water settled, four of the five goblins were washed away and all the adventurers were still standing.

The adventurers decided that as glorious as that last battle was, they were on a mission to find Sildar. So they explored the rest of the cave, found Sildar, killed a goblin, much fun was had by all. They spoke to Sildar, learned some cool stuff and then went back to Phandalin.

They did some obligatory stuff, like get paid for escorting the wagon and getting paid by the Lionshield Coster for rescuing their goods.

When they got to the Stonehill Inn, Qetsil began singing about the badassery of the party and how they killed a bunch of goblins. This led to quickly befriending the patrons of the inn. Sulay followed Qetsil’s song by buying everyone in the inn a round of ale. At this point, the patrons were practically throwing their rumors as the party. Below is what some of these people said:

Narth, an old farmer, said that , “Sister Garaele, who oversees the Shrine of Luck, recently left town for a few days, then returned wounded and exhausted.”

Elsa, a gossipy barmaid said, “Daran Edermath, the orchard keeper, is a former adventurer.”

Lanar, a miner relayed that, “Orc raiders haven been seen on the east end of Triboar Trail. The townmaster is looking for someone to run them off.”

Trilena, the innkeeper’s wife told the party that “Thel Dendrar, a local woodcarver, stood up to the Redbrands a tenday ago when they came by his shop and leered at his wife. The ruffians murdered him. Several townsfolk saw it happen. The Redbrands grabbed his body, and now his wife, daughter, and song have gone missing too.”

Pip, Toblen’s young son said that his friend “Carp, son of Qelline Alderleaf said he found a secret tunnel in the woods, but Redbrands almost caught him.”

Freda, a Weaver said, “The Redbrands hassle every business in town, except for the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange. They don’t want trouble with Halia Thornton, who runs it.”

The party also learned that the Redbrands frequent the Sleeping Giant tap house.

From there, the party went to visit the Alderleafs. After realizing that Carp wanted to be an adventurer when he grew up, the party offered to let him take them to the cave. His mother, Qelline, was a tad worried and made sure that he wouldn’t got into harm’s way. The plan was to come at midnight, long after Carp’s bed time.

The party visited Halia Thornton at the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange, knowing that she was the closest thing to real authority. To their surprise, she actually offered to pay the party 100 gp to eliminate the Redbrand leader, Glastaff, and bring her any correspondence found in the leader’s quarters.

Then the party visited Daran Edermath, the retired adventurer at his apple orchard. He expressed concern about the Redbrands and thought it would be good if someone taught them a lesson He also told the adventurers that he had heard stories from prospectors that in the hills Northeast of Phandalin, someone was digging in the ruins known as Old Owl Well. More disturbingly, several prospectors had reported being chased from the area by undead. He had asked the party to visit the ruins, telling the party that the ruins are an old watchtower of an ancient magical empire known as Netheril. He worried that dangerous magic might be lying dormant there.

Visiting the Townmaster’s Hall, the party negotiated for some double-dipping to take care of the Redbrands, but the Townmaster was more concerned with the Orcs by Wyvern Tor. He really didn’t want to cause any trouble with the Redbrands, but said if you could eliminate them in one fell swoop, it’d be okay. While there, the party spoke to Sildar Hallwinter, who wanted them to both save Gundren at Cragmaw Castle, offering 500 gp if they could defeat the chieftain, and investigate the disappearance of an old friend, Iarno Albrek.

Getting bored of idle chatter, the party went to the Sleeping Giant Inn and considered burning it down. Against their better judgement, they decided not to burn it down, instead just got in a fight with four Redbrands. They won, need I say more?

Where is our exp Snickerdick?
er... I mean GM

Hi, I like goblin minions to rid Thundertree of it’s dragon pest problems… oh and exp is good, how much did we get after a bugbear took a dirt nap? This leveling is slow, so use to 1 to 28 in less than a few hours.

Session 1 - Goblin Ambush and Cragmaw Hideout

The adventurers started off escorting a wagonload of provisions from Neverwinter to Phandalin, hired by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. Gundren, revealed nothing of the trip, except that he had found “something big.” He was paying 10 gold pieces per person to bring the provisions to Barthen’s Provisions, a trading post in Phandalin. Travelling for a short while on the Triboar Trail, the adventurers-to-be found two dead horses, which they recognized as those of Gundren and Sildar Hallwinter, the human who went ahead to Phandalin with Gundren. Jerrick Retherstone (Robert/Jan) examined the site, finding an empty leather map case. It was at this moment when 4 goblins ambushed the wagon! The goblins used their brute strength to almost defeat the party but ultimately perish at the sword.

The adventurers found a large cloth sack tied off with rope behind one of the thickets that the goblins were hiding. Doing the only rational thing, Drook decided to swing at the bag with his hammer. Despite the fact that the bag was stationary and in the open, Drook whiffed. Jerrick decided at this time that they should simply untie the bag. Lo and behold, there was a surprise Qetsil Lishaaron. A small and peculiar creature, slightly larger than a goblin, but lacking the thick red skin and poor hygiene. And then…it spoke! It spoke common!

The party wasn’t sold that this Qetsil character was trustworthy, despite the fact that many had known another person who went by the name of Qetsil for many years (see Renowned).

Jameson’s investigation of the ambush site led to the realization that there was a trail that about a dozen goblins and used and there were signs of two human-sized bodies being hauled away from the ambush site.

After placing two goblin corpses on the front of the wagon, holding the reigns and covering the wagon, the party decided to explore this trail. With Qetsil leading a few minutes ahead, the party set off. About fifteen minutes later, they noticed a small halfling sitting in a tree “hiding.” After much confusion, Qetsil was convinced to trust them, despite Drook’s previous attack. With Qetsil scouting only a few minutes ahead, the party was able to successfully disarm a snare trap and a pit trap. They were disarmed by throwing a stone onto the rope and fake ground, respectively.

After about five miles, the party reached a small cave with a river flowing through it. When they were going inside, they noticed two goblins (doing an absolutely terrible job of) being lookouts. Despite Vex and Jerick’s requests for the goblins to surrender, they fought. But fate was not on their side. Just like Swizzlenik (an earlier goblin killed), Dox Cragmaw perished. But Mebarx Cragmaw was not so foolish. After seeing Dox die, Mebarx waved the not-so-proverbial white flag and surrendered. Upon interrogation, he revealed much. The following passage has been translated from unintelligible goblin-common to a language that uses both a subject and a predicate in a sentence.

Inside the cave were under 20 goblins and their pets (“Growl Growl”). The leader of the cave was a bugbear named Klarg whom Mebarx was not fond using, using big words like “oppress” and “mean.” Klarg was answering to King Grol, Chief of the Cragmaw tribe, who gave his orders from Cragmaw castle. Unfortunately, Mebarx lacked land-nav skills and only knew that the castle was about 20 miles Northeast. Klarg had recently received word from the castle that someone named the Black Spider was paying the Cragmaws to watch out for the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, capture him, and send him and anything he was carrying back to King Grol. Klarg’s daily life didn’t change. He continued to ambush wagons and travelers. It was convenient that Gundren passed by the goblin’s favorite ambush site, because he was captured and taken along with his personal belongings, including a map, back to Grol. However, the dwarf’s human companion was still in the “eating cave.”

Then, the party debated how they should best utilize Mebarx, ultimately deciding to put him on a rope and have him lead them throughout the cave. When Mebarx got nervous, they would know a trap was ahead.

Right after entering the cave, the party met Mebarx’s pets. Despite the arrow shot at one of the wolves, Jameson decided to try and talk to the wolves. His kind words were met with kind snarls and bites. After killing the wolves (and I contacted PETA) the party climbed the trash shoot at the end of the pet’s quarters to find a room with a bugbear, a wolf, and two goblins. Qetsil snuck up on Klarg and pwnt.dat.n00b (with a natural 20). After also killing the wolf, the party convinced the goblins to surrender. And surrender they did. The party and Mebarx spoke to the two goblins, Skat and Gzed. After much berating about his name’s origin, Skat spoke of his profession,“Skat no etymologist”.

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